∬CBSE ∮ Standard X

∾ A Note to Student...∾

The following modules are prepared to guide the tenth standard students of Central Board of Secondary Education. The sequence of the modules is set as per the sequence of the CBSE Std. X textbook. Each module illustrates the basic definitions, rules, and processes of the respective chapter, followed by some examples, and then some practice problems.

The main objective of this collection is to provide a short review and practice to help students understand and do better in their examinations. The most important aspect of each module is the concise presentation of concepts and processes.

While many of the problems are taken from the textbook itself, practice problems are developed based on the following books as reference books .

I hope this collection helps the student user to enhance their understanding of concepts and improve their skill in solving problems so that they can perform better than their expectation in the board examination.

All the best...